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Who is using this service?

Everybody. Multinational corporations looking to be in constant contact with their customers, small business owners who cannot afford the high price of a market research project or an innovative person who wants a fast and easy way to brainstorm new ideas before starting a new business venture.


Who are the respondents taking part in these studies?

We have a varied panel consisting of accountants, builders, IT managers, personal trainers, teachers, students, housewives, etc.

Our respondents reside in Belgium, France, Spain, United Kingdom and more.


How does it work?

  1. Enter your selection criteria

    We’ll invite consumers tailored to suit your target audience.

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  2. Create your topic

    Describe in details what you expect from our respondents (or ask a member of our research team for support).

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    Thanks to our respondents already being active on our platform, you will be able to see results as soon as your topic has been posted.

  3. Let our panel go to work

    Respondents are able to see and reply to other comments, allowing a real discussion between participants and as a result, giving you better insights. In order to ensure that you get the relevant feedback to your question, you are also able to interact with our respondents.

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Extra Features

  • We carry out hundreds of research projects every year, and we will publish topics we believe to be of interest to you in your feed.
  • Real-time analytics – Benefit from our Insights section to find the most interesting comments, trends and statistics.
  • Your posts stay on our platform for 5 years, which gives you the opportunity to look back at previous studies before starting a new one and/or reopen a discussion if necessary.


There are 2 options available:

Our Pay As You Go service

  • Create and moderate your topics by yourself
  • Access our Insights section
  • No report

Our Pro Account services

  • A dedicated account manager will assist you for the entire duration of your study
  • A research team will write your topics ensuring that you get the exact information you are looking for
  • An experienced moderator will overlook your study and interact with the respondents to get even better insights
  • Receive at the end of your study a detailed report on your topics


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