At Dafigo, we help you turn insights into actionable imperatives. Our concept incorporates the ideas of flexibility, balance, adaptability and coordination under one umbrella.

Our knowledge centre draw on years of experience focusing on consumers behaviour and business units specialising in various marketing domains. This flexible and adaptable structure means we can direct the specialist knowledge and experience of team members to achieving the greatest effect. We collaborate with your team to create exceptional customer experiences that optimise your performance.


Why outside help?

It’s human nature for people who work together and therefore spend a considerable amount of time together to think alike which can at times diminish creativity. Our ideas are refreshingly different.


Why us?


We give our clients the means to find new pathways to growth by interpreting data used to understand customer journey. We offer an innovative and effective service helping you when making strategic decisions.




Our dedicated teams are proud to provide a fast and effective service at every stage, creating trust-based partnerships that often last for years. We have a full network of marketing consultants providing that additional firepower to ease pressure on your existing resources, allowing you to focus on what you do best. Our clients look to us for the ability to generate smart ideas that will not only mitigate risks but also deliver value with pace and strategic agility.


Understanding what are the most important strategic decisions and knowing which ones need to be taken quickly and more nimbly is really important. Speed and having the right people in the room to make those decisions is critical. In a world where there is an absolute explosion of information and data, having the right capabilities, the right insight, the analytical skills to inform those decisions is absolutely paramount.

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Dafigo Interactive

Although the Dafigo staff can boast an unsurpassed range of experience and expertise, it’s ultimately the people out there in the world who count. The real experts are the legions of regular customers who know what they like, what they want and what they need.

Let our extensive panel of respondents help you.

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The right resources at the right time to deliver the right solutions

Our team of experts will help you adapt when making the changes required to realise the vision created by your business development strategy while retaining the elements that made you successful in the first place.