Business Development


There are several ways to develop your business: acquiring new customers, improving retention, developing sales team efficiency, etc; but understanding your customers remains the key factor. Appreciating what your customers value enables you to optimise marketing, sales and service interactions across the entire organisation, channels and geographies. Your delivery of tailored, targeted business value will follow.

Our services help our clients improve their team’s sales performance and turn ideas into business growth systems, which continue to generate additional profits after any assignment is completed.


We focus on building collaborative partnerships with clients, constructing studies exploring market sizing, competitive intelligence, trend analysis, market attractiveness and marketing claims. Our cost-effective research will change the way you think about, approach and take action in global markets.

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Understanding what are the most important strategic decisions and knowing which ones need to be taken quickly and more nimbly is really important. Speed and having the right people in the room to make those decisions is critical. In a world where there is an absolute explosion of information and data, having the right capabilities, the right insight, the analytical skills to inform those decisions is absolutely paramount.

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Dafigo’s proven approaches are supporting the ideation process. We combine a sharp strategy for where and how to innovate with a fast, agile, and lean development process that efficiently transforms ideas into profitable growth.

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The right resources at the right time to deliver the right solutions

Our team of experts will help you adapt when making the changes required to realise the vision created by your business development strategy while retaining the elements that made you successful in the first place.