Interactive Marketing


Although the Dafigo staff can boast an unsurpassed range of experience and expertise, it’s ultimately the people out there in the world who count. The real experts are the legions of regular customers who know what they like, what they want and what they need.

We improve the way organisations interact with consumers

We offer them a platform where they can give their feedback freely, really express themselves and interact with each other. They are no longer seen as a member of a research panel, but as a true participant of a research project. Their ‘say’ can actually ‘change’ something. The objective of the platform is to bring participants closer to each other, closer to our clients and closer to us.

The types of project we carry out can be broadly grouped under the following headings:


  • Communication: advertising development, pre and post evaluation, brochures, website evaluation.
  • Customer Satisfaction studies: among consumers, or business to business – dealers, industrial buyers, customers, ex customers, competitors’ customers.
  • Product Development: brainstorming, testing concepts, product evaluation, product placement, etc.
  • Brand Strategy: brand image analysis, tracking/monitoring.
  • Customer Buying Criteria: main driving factors, explanation and quantification of customer motivation, etc.
  • Usage and attitude surveys.