Success comes in many forms in Business

Posted On 22/1/2024

Success means different things to different people whether we are talking about business or private life. In Business, the obvious assumption is that a successful entrepreneur is someone who is financially secure. What they earn, what they own, what they spend can give the impression of success. More, more, more is what we all ultimately strive for in terms of success – or is it?

Stop and reflect on your own life. Think about what success means to you. Don’t limit yourself by focusing on the big things. They are important but they also seem to demand way too much of our attention.

Take a moment to focus on all the little successes you have had – either in the past or today. These are the everyday things that make life worth living. To be able to make choices. To be able to motivate and inspire others. To share life (both the joys and the sorrows) with others. To feel and to show feeling. To love and to be loved. To make the most of every situation no matter the circumstances. To live with passion and energy. To be kind and to care. To be able to be your true self. To laugh, and to laugh often. To be healthy in mind, body and spirit. To choose a path that may have been difficult or risky and to be able to look back and be glad you did it. To be aware of everything around you. The list is endless. In my opinion these are much more important measures of success.

Now you might say that this is success in your private life and not success in business unlike what the title suggests.

Well often in business, we find ourselves working long hours and even when we are not at work anymore, our mind still is. If you can find the perfect formula that allows you to focus on your professional commitment while having enough time to enjoy life to the fullest, than to me that is a form of success in business. What is the point of being financially stable if you cannot spend it how you want, with who you want and when you want.