Like it or not?

Posted On 28/2/2023

How many pages have you liked/followed on social media? Personally, over 100. Does that mean I interact with all 100 of these pages on a daily basis? Not even close.  In fact, there’s only a handful I bother paying attention to… or engaging with.


Well, because they have something special — something that keeps me interested, commenting & clicking Like/Follow. For lack of a better word, I’d say they have charisma.

So in this article, I’m going to highlight what these charismatic pages are doing to keep me engaged.

Have fun content

One of the most effective ways to get fans to pay attention & interact with your page is to have content that is fun & engaging. In my experience, people don’t take themselves too seriously on social media — and neither should your page.

So get a little whacky sometimes! This DOESN’T mean to post the first cat photo or stale meme you find on Google images.

Instead, come up with some random & unexpected, questions or trivia posts. And don’t forget to use humour in your posts!

Have a personality

Stories have been told & passed along for centuries. To this day, I remember stories my grandmother told me when I was little. She’s now 85. Storytelling is also a great way to connect with your fans.

And what better way to connect than by adding your personality to each post? Establishing a personality & voice for your business is critical for any content strategy.

The pages I remember are pages that connect with me on a personal level.

Post quotes

Now hold on! Before you say “Nooooooooooo” to the use of quotes, I gotta chime in & say this: People LOVE great quotes! This doesn’t mean you need to post them daily. But I recommend using quotes every once in a while to get your community talking (and thinking!) Unlike some low quality content, quotes work well because they cover a wide range of interests & can connect with different people in different ways. Everyone finds their own meaning in the quote.  And that’s what makes it effective.

Add value & Be Creative

What is the purpose of a page if not to be creative & offer value?

I see so many companies making the mistake of not doing this — mostly by posting too many ads about their products or services. Sure, these ads may be valuable to some — but chances are most people don’t care.

Another common mistake many page managers make is posting content with generic descriptions — ones that have been used multiple times already. You’ve probably seen this before, right? Even if the material is interesting, it lacks a personal stamp — and thus lacks charisma!

So make sure to add your own creative description before sharing that viral blog post with your fans. You can use humour, your personality or a short quote from the post.

Launch simple contests

Contests are another effective way to get fans interacting. But make sure to select prizes carefully — so you’re giving away items related to your company instead of just iPhones, iPads & iAnything Else.

This is where charisma comes into play.  Remember: you show your personality by the prize you choose! If you just give away another iPad, you’ll mainly attract contestants who only want to win the prize — and don’t really care about your page or business.

But the good news is that you no longer need an app to launch a contest. Instead you can run one right on your page’s timeline.